How to Openline Black Mamba modem - B525 65A with Firmware 2020


Requirements needed to openline your Black Mamba B525 65A
  • UTP Cable
  • Male to Male USB Cable
Here are the simple procedure to unlock your Black Mamba Modem

1. Install Huawei Driver, ADB Drivers & UsbFix.reg

2. Jumper Board into Boot Mode & Plug in power adapter (Dapat hindi iilaw power led)

B525s Boot Jumper Picture.jpg

3. Plug-in USB cable to your PC USB Port (Dapat detected sa device manager ang 1 port)

4. Run B525s-65a Huawei RELOADED Final ( Password: jhowel22 ). And wait until the blue and 2 Signal turn off.

5. Disconnect the USB cable and power adaptor

6. Insert your Sim ( SMART or GLOBE ), UTP Cable and Power Adaptor

7. Configure your modem to your browser -> username: admin Password: admin

8. After configuring your modem. You notice that your modem has no signal. Just Run "B525s-65a 1-Click Unlocker-Openline.exe" (Dapat mag-reboot and modem pag tapos ng script)

9. Congrats!

Here are the files and firmware that you can use :

One Click Black Mamba Openline with 2019 Firmware and band selection - Download
One Click Black Mamba Openline with 2020 Firmware, band selection and Cell ID Locking - Donwload
Zip Password: jhowel22

Credits: Zander Mazda & Jerome Laliag

If you having problem, just make a comment.
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